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From asbestos abatement to lead-paint testing, the professionals at Franklin Analytical Services provide the services your property needs. With decades of experience in the industry, we're the company to trust for a safer environment.

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SOMBWA-Certified in Asbestos, Lead, & Demolition in Massachusetts & Rhode Island | WBE- & DBE-Certified
Licensed Asbestos Service (Massachusetts License #AC000356; Rhode Island License #LAC-182)
Lead Inspector & Risk Assessor (License #I-R 2171)

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Keep your property safe with asbestos abatement and lead inspections from Franklin Analytical Services in Marion, Massachusetts. Established 1990, our company is licensed in Massachusetts and Rhode Island to provide complete asbestos abatement of your residence, business, warehouse, school, or municipal building. We guarantee that all removal is done by qualified and experienced experts. Additionally, we provide lead (and lead-paint) risk assessments, disposal of fluorescent lights and ballasts, and removal and disposal of pigeon guano. Call us today at (508) 748-3156 for a free estimate.
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